GM Design Associates
The Practice was founded in Coleraine in 1985 and has grown from
the original 2 founding partners to a current staff of 25.  To
date this award winning practice has completed a wide variety of
projects in both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Within the Practice, each individual project is the
responsibility, and in the ultimate control, of a Director who
discusses and agrees a project with an individual client at the
time of appointment and maintains an active role in the project
from inception to completion.

Day to day driving of a project is the responsibility of the
appropriate project architect or associate reporting to the
Director who directs and controls the project team.

GM Design has kept abreast of the latest technological
developments for the architectural design professions with an
ongoing investment programme in computer facilities to assist 
the design and administrative staff. 

The company has both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 

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